Raul Reyes -1941

Painter, Sculptor



   Raul Reyes is a Venezuelan artist who studied at the School of Visual Arts Maracay- Aragua.  He is best known as the master of Cierra Nevada Mountain.


   He was one of the leading figures of the Fine Arts (1976) And among peers can be considered the par excellence landscape artist. A true guide of the representation of landscape in Mérida, Venezuela.


   Raúl was inclined towards the arts since he was in primary school, and he began painting at a young age after a family member gave him a handful of used brushes and half-empty tubes of oil paint.


   In 1980 he received the National Visual Arts Award, and had a major solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas.


   He has always been inspired by the landscape’s beauty, capturing natural scenarios of Venezuela’s mountains and oceans.


   Today Raul Reyes lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, USA and at the age of 74 he is still inspired by the natural landscapes.

    Dear father, the years fly by, it seems like only yesterday when I was watching you finish one of your masterpieces.

 I will forever be grateful for the artistic talent that you gave me. Today I value more than ever the time and talent you shared with me, I miss you and can't wait to see you soon. I love you.


    Papa los años vuelan, y parece que fue ayer cuando te observaba terminar unas de tus grandes obras de Arte.

     Quiero que sepas, que estaré por siempre agradecida por ese talento que tu me regalaste junto a mi Madre. Te extraño mucho y espero muy ansiosa el día en que te pueda ver pronto.

Te amo!

I love you dad