Artist & Author

Figurative Art| Acrylic | Colored Pencil 

Mixed Media|Watercolor |Alcohol Ink

Graphic Designer

 Art Instructor for children


MARIA . reyes .



  I love art that is fun, and full of life. That love is the heart of my technique. I take moments of simple beauty and bring them to life with vivid colors, creative mediums, accents, and brilliant finishes.

 I find inspiration in everything around me, and once I have the vision in my head I can’t rest until it’s created, and just as vibrant and fun as it was in my mind.

     She is a Venezuelan artist who loves to express her visions through Figurative Art. The daughter of Venezuelan artist Raúl Reyes, “He taught me many things” she says. “ I come from a long line of artists. My grandfather was an artist, my father was an artist, and my uncles are artists. Art has been in my blood throughout my life”. Although Maria originally did not want to be an artist after seeing family members struggle, she gave in to the lure of art, and studied graphic design in Venezuela before moving to South Florida.

       Most of her work shows innocence and love, the meaning of her career has been a passion to help and inspire kids. Charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor and alcohol ink have been her newest media. Many of her paintings are created for special events to benefit children’s charities. She began her philanthropic endeavors in 2011 with Miami Children’s Hospital’s Dan Marino Center, where she volunteered as an art educator to autistic children. In 2012 she created a piece for The Ricky Martin Foundation, as well as a personal piece for Ricky Martin himself. In 2013 she hosted Noche de Gala, a black tie art event in Brevard to benefit Nana’s House, as well in 2014 benefiting The Children’s Hunger Project. Today 2019 Maria teaches art classes at multiple locations, Pineapple Cove Academies, Imagine Charter School, as well in her own private art studio.     

“During the years I have discovered a few future artists, and many new friends. These years have been a truly amazing experience” said Laughlin. Today she is the author and illustrator of four books in the “Blue Teddy Bear Series” called “My Blue Teddy Bear” and “Blue Teddy Bear Goes to the Hospital”; "My Blue Teddy Bear Gets Lost" and "Sugar finds a friend" she dedicated her books to all the children in the world that have been attached to any stuffed animal.

Pineapple Cove Academies


When they were little, they scribbled As for the colors, they didn't care

Their fists held tight around the crayons; Circles and lines were everywhere.

Through time, their talents surfacedAnd true artists they have become...

Shapes and colors now have meaning,It's not like when they were one

They have learned to stay within the lines. To cut and paste and glue

Art of cheerios and macaroni A true masterpiece, who knew?

Time and effort glue each piece, No reason, nor thought of waste

Cautiously, the work evolves;Little fingers stuck with glitter paste

And for a moment, time stands stillSweet child creating what we hold dear 

A pure and priceless work of art,For which we know we will never part.

The thing I loved the most and still love the most about teaching is that you can connect with an individual or a group, and see that individual or group exceed their limits. 

Artist Statement:

Children are my inspiration. They are the light coming from heaven. It is my responsibility to give them love because, with their help, we see the true colors – the colors of Heaven.
Maria Laughlin.

Brevard Zoo Show 2017